'Poor' BSNL and its faulty services
John F Williams | 22 Dec 2011

BSNL's customer base in Palam Vihar is eroding at a massive pace as they switch to Airtel that provides much better services than the incompetent BSNL.

BSNL EVEN fails to deliver phone bills. We have written numerous emails and made countless number of calls to General Manager, BSNL, Gurgaon informing that that our bills are never delivered at our registered address. Mrs Meenakshi, PA, GM Section is the main witness to verify the very fact of the case since she is most cooperative lady posted there and has become our contact point in the whole department.

 It is not the first time but we did not receive any of the bills throughout the year, 2011. Isn’t it shameful? Their efficiency can be very well assessed from this very fact. Even AO’s official cell remains switched off while the land line is either busy or not attended to at all.

Once a duplicate machine installed at the customer care centre in Palam Vihar and it was unable to issue even the duplicate bill. The cash counter closes sharp at 1.00 pm while they open after 1000 hrs. Even 5 minutes late is turned down but the start of 10 minutes late is not taken care of.

We are in a fix and can’t even change the vendor even since our No – 2468383 appears in the all records, letter heads and web too.

Most of the Subscribers in Palam Vihar to the best of my knowledge discontinued with BSNL and switched over to Airtel only due to the poor service rendered by them. Last but not the least what is the main reason of not delivering the Bills throughout the year. Could Authorities specify!

Even at times we took up with CGM, BSNI, Ambala but there too hardly any response or action. We request media to take up the issue of non-delivery of bills with GM, Gurgaon very strongly.