Poor people are perpetuating poverty
Satbir Singh Bedi | 09 Aug 2013

Many people would be surprised at my statement that
poor people are perpetuating poverty.  However, the
truth is that this statement is true because the poor
people who have bitter experience of life want to
forget their past and resort to escapism through
drinking and taking drugs.  These habits are not only
costly but make the poor people lose their working
days so that they receive less salaries than what they
would have received had they worked for full month. 
So, these costly habits and loss of salary make the
poor people more poor.  
I have also observed that because of their habits of
drinking and taking of drugs, the poor people also
suffer in health and become more prone to diseases. 
This results in their spending money on maintaining
their health which makes them poorer.  
The wives of these poor people want to work and earn
money for the upkeep for their families but these
people in their drunken state, beat them so much that
many time, they too have to forego their earnings so
that it becomes difficult for them to maintain the
The poor people also breed like rabbits and add to the
poor population of the country.  This is due to
several reasons.  First reason is that they are
generally to drunk to observe family planning methods.
The second reason is that they feel that children are
the gift of God and do not take into account the fact
that God has now given us means to curtail our
population  and a brain to use these means.  The third
reason is that they think that more the number of
their children, the more persons they would have for
earning wages as soon as their children achieve the
age of five or six.  They are not able to realise that
the country can give employment to only limited number
of people and that our country having only 2% of area
of the world and 16% of its population, is so
overpopulated that the employment opportunities here
are becoming more and more limited as we increase our
population every year.