Poor perfomance;
prashob ozhur | 05 Jul 2010

about the loss of brasil against holland

Poor perfomance;Brasil quits Brasil, the five time worldcup champions and who holds first place among the fifa ranking table, slips their boots against Holland. Upto oranges this victory is the first win over Brazil since the 1974 World Cup, when Johan Cruyff was the team's star and "total football" reigned. The yellows who played in blue jersey at Nelson Mandela bay stadium was clinched by one goal during halftime. Second half was totally outplayed by Netherland. The own goal by Melo makes a draw and the traingular play by Robben, Vanpersie and Sneijder makes the result. The much hyped match ends to elimination of Brasil from the WC2010. It was the overconfidence after the first goal, the change in formation of team setup from 4-2-3-1 into a 4-1-3-1 pattern makes crack in defense area and also Fabiano who was recalled by Brasilian manager Dungo makes Holland easy to enter the semi's. It is safe to say that Brasil lost the game particularly because of their poor defensive discipline and organization from set plays. They repeat the game what they do in last worldcup match against France in 2006. Brasil, who given us wonderful football to watch in this World Cup. Now they also entered among the most big teams so far say good bye from the World Cup.