Poora Poona - Pune's First youth Magazine
Sameer Agarwal | 02 Apr 2007

Poora Poona™ - Pune’s first youth magazine is conducting a Rock Band Competition called Dhwani. Marked as a bi annual event – this event brings 5 bands head to head to compete for prizes worth Rs. 40K !

Poora Poona – Pune’s very own youth magazine is organizing a Rock Band competition called DHWANI 07. Unlike the Campus Rock Idol – Metal and thrash music isn’t allowed in this competition. Although the organizers are not sure if it will be included in the future.This event will be a bi annual event wherein bands will meet head on to vie for prizes worth over Rs. 40K. Sameer, Head of Poora Poona, says ‘Today live music – especially rock music is idolized by metal. Head bangers get a fender Strat with a GT8 and with loud distortion – thing they are ready with a band. The true element of talent gets lost somewhere in the noise. Dhwani is a competition where there are no judges. The audience gets to decide who is the best band. It cannot get more real. We hope to get the record labels next time to hear this talent out.’

Poora Poona, or PP is a magazine that brings a platform for youngsters to share their wisdom and knowledge. Most unlike the other critical and cheap humor filled magazines, PP brings a refreshing change to reading. Based out of Pune, PP reaches out to over 95 colleges in Pune alone. With a tremendous response from the education fraternity in Pune, the magazine is all set to double its circulation from this month.