Popularizing the concept of having exhaust fans installed in kitchens in Indian homes
Vishnu Mohan | 29 Sep 2013

Based on personal experience and also reading some relevant reports

The disease known as asthma, being suffered by many people in the world, could be present due to direct result of breathing improper quality of indoor air.  The kitchen is one of the most important place in a house and if not properly maintained, this kitchen could turn out to be the main source of pollutants in a house. One can see all the grease, smoke, odors and moisture to produce during cooking.  The resultant pollutants, could be seen getting fixed on walls, ceilings, carpets, furniture, home furnishings because cooking in kitchen brings the excess moisture in the air and make indoor air extremely humid.  In a typical Indian household kitchen cooking, burning of oil with water and spicy products is a common feature on an everyday basis and if there is no proper ventilation to take the pollutants resulting from these burnings, the quality of indoor air may sufer resulting in problems such as asthma, allergies, rashes, headaches and nausea and other respiratory diseases.



Therefore, popularizing the concept of having exhaust fans installed in kitchens in Indian homes should be popularized.  It is surprising such fans are not found even in better living standard families and the primary reasons (couple of them) could be as follows:


- Insects and pests can find their way easily through the inlets/outlets of exhaust fan provision


- These fans work on electricity and in many homes, electricity shortage could be felt and therefore the need for an exhaust fan never had the urgency which it truly deserves, under any circumstance.


- If for some reason, the installed exhaust fan goes out of order, and if not restored to normalcy soon, the interest and urgency for having such fans may take a back seat.



Present of a good kitchen exhaust fan can in the kitchen can easily suck and exhausted outside of the home all the invisible mist of particles and fats producing during cooking and baking, frying food.  And without an efficient kitchen hood, the air is released to be packed in dangerous substances and pathogens inthe air which may lead to the formation of fungi, fungus spores, molds, serious health problems.  Wall colors can break or loosen and furniture need to be replaced frequently due to getting affected by too much moisture. 


The primary function of a good kitchen exhaust fan is to expel heat, smoke, odors and moisture quickly and directly.  More research is needed to ensure that best of the quality of exhaust fans are made available for Indian kitchen homes at affordable rates, ensuring that these can be cleaned at ease regularly and also protects sufficient safeguards for checking pests/insects from entering the kitchen.  Houses which rely on emergency power like inverters and diesel generating sets during normal electricity dropouts should also cover exhaust fans installed in kitchen because installation of exhaust fans in kitchens has only advantages and big advantages covering many aspects of social, economical and health aspects of mankind.  By social and economical, it is meant that furniture; appliances, fittings’ & accessories present in a house can breathe a longer healthy life with the help of exhaust fans present in a kitchen resulting in money saving for the family. 


Concerned quarters can do well to popularize the concept of having exhaust fans installed in kitchens in Indian homes.


Hoping the above favours consideration at the right quarters.