Power generation in Haryana down by 22.6% -- CEA
V K Gupta | 01 Aug 2013

The power generation from Haryana's own thermal plant has come down as state is deepending heavily on power purchase in this election year.

The power generation in Haryana took a nosedive as HPGCL's own generation 
fell  short by  22.6% % in June as dependence on  power purchase increases.
Central Electricity Authority (CEA ) in its latest report has mentioned 
that the thermal generating stations in Haryana were supposed to give plant
 load factor(PLF) of 74.07% in June but its generation was limited to 
equivalent of 57.36 % PLF.
The report further mentions that the three major thermal plants in Haryana
 generated 2100 million units less in first quarter of the current 
 financial year against  the given targets .
Central Electricity Authority (CEA) in its latest  report has 
mentioned that three thermal plants namely Panipat, Khedar and Jhajhar
 thermal plants generated less power in first three months of year 2013-14
 against the assigned targets.
1360 MW Panipat thermal plant generated 1667 million units (MU) 
against the target of 2362 MU. 1200 MW Khedar thermal plant missed
 the target by 270 MU and was able to generate 1027 MU only.
The maximum shortage was reported from 1320 MW Jhajjar thermal plant
 which produced only 759 MU against target of 1892 MU. Yamuna Nagar thermal
 plant though generated less power but was not in CEA list as 
it contains names of only those plants which missed targets by atleast 100 MU.
The main reason beyond the less generation by states thermal plants mentioned in the 
 report was reduced demand in the state.Practically the power demand in state has
 grown by more than 10% but the Haryana Government's decision to purchase 1424 MW 
from Adani on long term basis is the only reason for backing down its own units.
The decision to purchase power from private producer may be politically correct 
in the election yearas there is no scheduled power cuts in the stae. This decision
 will prove counter productive when tariff order for next year will be issued or
 fuel surcharge shall be further increased for consumers. 
By backing down its own thermal units HPGCL incurs fixed charges and it only saves
 running charges which mainly comprises of fuel charges.The expenditure incurred on 
keeping the units idle will be reflected in its balance sheet.
Even today Haryana's own generation is 1925 MW whereas the power supply in state 
exceeds 6100 MW.Six thermal units of Panipat thermal plant.one each of Yamuna Nagar
 and Khedar are under shut down due to so called no demand.