Power Yoga: New way of life
JUNK | 11 Jun 2009

Yoga!!! We the young people, do we really know the importance and value of such a great physical and mental discipline that has its origin India. Lets try to understand its importance.

Someone has said correctly, there is nothing wrong in learning good  habits from others (irrespective of age). I would like to share my experience about yoga, as I think it might be useful for many others who are like how I was.

Yoga to me was a waste of time, wasting our sweet sleep with all colourful dreams in it and a way of giving unnecessary stress to the body. I, myself, never tried to understand what  yoga is, until Isaw its magic with my own eyes.

And you know, who was the victim - my mom. My mom is a 47-year-old home maker, who is well versed in th tailoring profession (which she does in order to while away her time- rather than watching the daily soaps). But we never realized that this passion of hers will fall heavy on her. Has the work requires continuous sitting in a single postures, initially she didnt realize but later it came to us as a heavy shock , then her weight, back bone all were affected terribly.At times it was difficult for her to move after sitting for a long time. But then in this dark times, my dad came up with a solution which we never expected. He said darling do Yoga, all of us laughed at first and thought what a stupid idea is that. But dad had such high faith on the words of baba ramdev, then he gave company to my mom in doing yoga, as she felt little uncomfortable in the initial stage. But doing simple yoga exercises like pranayama, and others for just 15 to 30 min a day she was able to over come her back problem, she reduced her weight, joint problem. By seeing yoga showing its effect we had no other option but to believe that we Indians have so many resources ,that if we understand each of them completely then we dont have to look outside.Our mother India provides us with all the facilties.

I am writing this article because there are many such ladies suffering from back pain, stomach, weight, diabetes and what not. So u ladies out there who are not exposed to the outside world dont be upset , be a part of yoga practices and we can stay healthy.