Pranab's worthless effort
shivani tyagi | 09 Jul 2009

After Mamta Bnnerjee, now it is Pranab mukherjee’s turn to handle and announce the budget which holds every body’s breathe. Every kitchen was waiting for some good news and vacant jar were waiting for their replenishment. Mr. Finance minister was embroiled in the formation of budget so that he could able to settle the economical outcry. The new budget has tried to pour excitement and enthusiasm over the various sectors. In the budget, Pranab daa has pushed the gross fiscal deficit of the center about 6.8% of GDP. The budget has brought goodwill for the tax payers. In the budget basic exemption limit is up by Rs 10,000 for men and women tax payer below 65, and generous Rs 15,000 for senior citizen. Pension of army personnel have been increased where pension would benefit more than 12 lakh personnel below officer rank and would cost exchequer Rs 2, 1000 crore annually. During the presentation of the budget in the parliament, Mr. Finance minister has congratulated himself and his party over the success of NREGA and had allotted more funds to the programmes.

 Mr.  Pranab Mukherjee, has wrapped the budget in the golden sheet but it is taste less and baseless. The share market has given the indications to the government, after  the declaration of budget ,share market was not able to uphold the weight of the budget, sensex from the level of 14,337  falls at 575pointes whereas Nifty falls from 4,250 to 74points. Mr. Finance minister has unveiled the budget in the session where he has promised and has given assurance to the public that every thing is going to be under control. But how come it is possible, dada, you have taken steps to improve infrastructures and trying to help the poor and villagers but you have forget to think about the middle class? Have you ever keep the middle class people in mind while planning the budget? I don't think so......
Commodities like house, cars LCD TV, branded jewelry, water purifier are came under low price list which you have made. Sir I would like to inform that these are not a basic requirements of the  middle class  people of  the  country, their basic needs are ‘roti kapda aur makan’ where you have only lessen the price of house.
But wat about ‘Roti’, it is still out of their hands they were still chasing for that. Aam admi will not going sleep in car, he is not going buy branded jewelry when his family member were at the verge of death because of insufficient, and cosmetic surgery will not help them. If you seen the price of commodities like pulses tealeaves, vegetable and fruits. The prices of these commodities are touching up the sky. Now a day’s, nobody’s pocket will not be able to afford Rs 68 kg of pulse to eat. Your party will believe in that ‘congress ka hath aam admi k sath’, but after this budget I feel that you should change your logo of your party, ‘congress ka haath aam admi ki jab pe’ or ‘congress ka hath aam admi ki maut ka zimadar’ something like that.
 Infrastructures and industrial development is necessary but at the same time, people are also important. If you will not provide these commodities at reasonable price so how will you expect they will survive. You have mentioned special category or facility for Muslim group. May I ask what kind of discrimination is this? Why were you dividing people like this? It shows that you are communal, not secular. when recession and dearness would not discriminate among the people, so why were you discriminating people over the name of religion.
There are many questions which are yet to be answered. Only our Finance minister is able to answer these questions.