Praveen Togadia: If Muslims can have 10 children, why can't Hindus have 04
AK Rajput | 14 Jan 2015

Right-wing fire brand leader, Pravin Togadia has demanded a common law to ensure that every couple produce only two children. He said that this law should be applicable to all irrespective of their religions.

Addressing a programme in UP's Bareilly to mark the 50th foundation day of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), the international president of VHP said population of minorities is increasing continuously but whenever this is highlighted a controversy rakes up.

"Population of minorities is continuously increasing, but when the issue is raised, a controversy is started. Therefore a law for having only two children should be framed," Togadia said as reported by Financial Express.

Moreover, various BJP leaders who have floated four children theory for Hindu couples have got the support of Togadia. Commenting on the ongoing four children controversy Pravin Togadia seemd favoring the opinion expressed by BJP leader like Sakshi Maharaj, Sadhvi Prachi when he, as reported by ABP Live, said, "If a Muslim can marry four times and can have ten kids why cant Hindus?"

Making his speech controversial further Togadia also claimed that one day tricolour would fly high in Kandahar, Lahore and Dhaka as the Hindu population would increase.

So far three BJP leader have asked Hindus to produce four children each to ensure Hindu population's majority in the country.

Visibly an upset BJP leadership has also served a show cause notice to its MP Sakshi Maharaj for his indigestible comments including the four kids theory also.