President should intervene to end turmoil on T Bill
TR. Madhavan | 06 Feb 2014

First of all the proposed division is only get political mileage. All the parties are playing to gain mileage but not in the interest of the people of the State of Andhra Pradesh. The people are put confusion and frustration.

Division of State is very sensitive matter. There will be two parties and to get the consensus is very difficult. You can not ignore the minority and go only by majority. If it the case the suffering minority continue to suffer at the will of majority. At the same time, majority views can not be ignored.

As regards AP State Re organisation Bill, the UPA Government is heading for bifurcation without consulting the aggrieved parties. 
The people are still in confusion that, the President good office has sent or not to the Union Government, the rejection resolution, with the views and amendments sought by the legislators along with you noting? If it has not reached the Union Government, is it right on the part of GOM to go ahead with amendments in the bill and planning to table it before the Parliament?
It is felt that, the Union Government has no other go, when it is adamant in tabling the bill and getting it passed in this last session, it is requested that, the Hon'ble President of India, should advise the Union Government to call for an immediate meeting of all the floor leaders of the parties in the A P Assembly and place before them the amendments sought by the legislators as well as what the Union Government want to bring in. So that an amicable solution is arrived with all the stake holders and end the stalemate of the issue.