Presidential elections and the guessing games
Ananya.s.guha | 09 May 2012

The Presidential candidate seems to have taken us and the media by storm. This is a fictional representation of the dilemma.

"Hot News" he said. My friend said this almost with a triumph - my friend the socialist, my friend the activist and I am afraid my friend, at times the alarmist!

I look at him enquiringly and said politely: "Hot of course it is, what with temperatures rising, but what is the news?"

"My God, aren't you following the news? The hot debate about who will be the President of this great country?"

I paused for a while. Frankly speaking I was not following this so called debate, anyway I thought it is only one of the myriad issues that the country is confronted with. Having regained posture I said laconically:"Anyway what does it matter. These are all political appointments and the ruling party gets the voice vote or whatever vote".

"That isn't the point my friend, the point is who will adorn this hallowed seat? The point also is can we break this herd feeling of votes by sheer strength and choose someone across political lines? A person, say who is acceptable to all".

"My friend" I replied, "this is what we have been trying all the time but finally the consensus candidate is always a rookie and has the backing and strength of those that rule.

"But the person who rules here must rule firmly and with an iron hand".

"Do you think so?" I asked. "I always felt that this position is merely a figure head".

Changing the subject he swiftly said "anyway what is your opinion? who should be the likeliest of persons? The West Bengal MPs seem to have narrowed down their differences and gunning for one person, beyond party lines, isn't that great?"

"Greatness or not greatness my friend lies in the kind of person they choose. I personally think that one of the film actors should be ready for this most honourable and coveted position".

"Are you mad? "he shouted. "This is the place to act with dignity, and is not a place for drama or for that matter melodrama!"

"Alright alright" I said soothingly. "One of the singers then?"

"Are you going mad?" he asked again with a tone rising to the pitch.

"Why not?" I queried. We have actors, singers, cricketers, bollywood, tollywood, hollywood who are seen twenty four hours a day. The public know them, love them and adulate them".

"Wait wait" he said cautiously. "I think this is not a bad idea. What we can do is have a consensus candidate all over the country, one who rocks, one who advertises and one who everyone knows".

"And who can that be?" I asked.

"Why he replied it can be none other than the person we denied the Bharat Ratna. Cricketer, advertiser, ad person, chat person, indeed ubiquitous".

"You mean Sachin?"

"Your guess is as good as mine" he replied.