Pro-Modi MP expelled
Vinod Anand | 02 Aug 2013

Pro-Modi MP expelled (Vinod Anand) BSP supremo Mayawati has acted not a day too soon in expelling her Hamirpur MP, Vijay Bahadur Singh, from the party and also promptly informing the Speaker of the Lok Sabha about it. Mayawati has every reason to feel annoyed with Vijay Bahadur Singh for his gross departure from party line and philosophy. He did so by applauding Narendra Modi for saying that he (Modi) felt as grieved on the 2002 Gujarat killings as he would feel when puppies are crushed by a car in which he was seated but which was driven by someone else. This is not all. Vijay Bahadur goes on to say that Modi’s statement reflected how humane he was, that Modi was 100 per cent right in making the comparison and that any one differing from him was doing so out of vested political interests and was hence a ‘desh drohi’ (traitor to the country). Interestingly enough, Vijay Bahadur has come out in Modi’s defence more forcefully than even a BJP stalwart would. Isn’t it rather surprising that Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and Shah Nawaz Hussein, two Muslim show-boys of the BJP, have not come out to defend Modi’s ‘puppy’ statement, apparently aware of the fact that doing so may land them in trouble. To say that t was at casual remark, a slip would be doing gross injustice to Modi because he makes no such slips. All his expressions are well planned, with a minority slant resorted to deliberately to hurt without apparently meaning to do so. For instance, when Modi spoke about Congress hiding behind the ‘Burqa’ of secularism, could he not as well use the expression, ‘ghunghat’? Obviously that would not have created the contemptuous impact that Modi wanted in order to ridicule the Congress, Vijay Bahadur Singh’s game plan might be different. He could be giving vent to his fury against the BSP supremo for having denied him a poll ticket for the next Lok Sabha election. And his pro-Modi remarks might have been inspired by the belief if not hope that the Gujarat Chief Minister, pleased with his flattery, might recommend his name for a BJP ticket for the next Parliamentary poll. Isn’t he wooing Modi to pursue his own political interests?