Proper signboards with barricades should be in place while laying down of new roads across the country
Vishnu Mohan | 19 Jun 2014

It was observed that during the laying down of a road, once the job was over in a portion of the road, to discourage people from using that particular stretch of road for some time, at places blocks of white stone slabs were kept on the corners.

Even, some form of white powder was sprinkled on these roads. The idea was to keep this stretch of road free for at least a day so that the structure of the road with different mix ups gets strengthened in the process. After some time, in the evening hours, once the team involved in this job left for their day's break, blatant misuse began by overstepping on to these roads by removing these stone slabs.

Both light and heavy vehicles began to commute on these roads. Therefore, there is every possibility that the structure of these roads to remain strong may have got a jolt hinting that these newly laid roads may not last very long.

It would be nice if a stricture is issued to all the road makers or those involved in laying down of roads to use proper signage and signboards and proper equipments to deter general public from indulging in misuse of areas earmarked for "no usage from safety and other factors".  In the above instance, since the road slabs can be easily removed, therefore, this incidence took place.  Alternatively, if a proper barricade is put in place, perhaps, this misuse would not have taken place.

The above issue can be debated involving experts to come out with nice strictures ensuring that newly laid roads are properly protected till they are fit for mass public usage.