Property near Sankey Tank attacked by Forest Department Officials; Security Officials Threatened
Shweta Venkatesh | 08 Jul 2015

25 men identifying themselves as officers of the Forest Department of Karnataka trespassed Mantri Developers' site in Malleshwaram (near Sankey Tank) on the Sunday 5th. of July 2015. Armed with woodcutting equipments, they threatened the security personnel at the site with perilous consequences if they reported anything to the police. Under the leadership of Lakshminarayan, who identified himself as a Forest Department Official, the men carrying wood felling equipments chopped many trees damaging the natural environment.

This was the second and un-successful attempt by these unidentified men claiming to be representatives of the Karnataka Forest Department. Security staff at the site managed to restrain their entry on the Saturday 4th of July 2015 at 5pm when a smaller group of 15 tried to trespass onto the property. The security could then stage a defence against such unlawful behaviour and vandalism, but not before considerable damage to their personal belongings such as mobile phone. However, on the second day, i.e, the Sunday 5th of July, they were defenceless against a much bigger and unruly pack.  

Being a law abiding and socially conscious developer, Mantri Developers is shocked at this blatant abuse of the law and environment by the very authorities entrusted with its upkeep (i.e, if the armed men identifying themselves as forest officials are actually who they claim to be).