Protest against the double holding tax in Patna

Public consultaion programme of one month by social organization Jan Mukti Morcha,Bihar was concluded against the double rise of Holding Tax by the Government of Bihar and Patna Municiple Corporation (PMC) on August 30 at the Kargil Chauk near North Gandhi Maidan at Patna in Bihar.

About hundred participants raised slogans against the double Holding Tax in Patna which is completely anti citizen policy of the Nitish Kumar Government. They demanded reduction of the Holding Tax according to the road,developed and non developed colonies of Patna.


This programme was strated on July,30 for the mass awereness against the anti poor policy of the PMC which will ruin many poor land lords and it would force poor residents of Patna for anti social activities for the payment of mindless higher double Holding Tax.No doubt this anti human policy is indirectly violating the human rights which is similar with the anti Indian laws of the British Goverment.


This protest programme was organized under the presidentship of Vakil Thakur.Convenor of the programme was Devratan Prasad.Vote of thanks was given by Shambu SharanPrasad(treasurer).


It is amazing to demand double Holding Tax from the local residents of Patna despite lack of basic facilities from the corruption infected Patna Municiple Corporation. There is no good roads,no street lights,lack of pure and safe drinking water,sewage on the roads,street cowsheds,street cattle,garbage pollution, young rash biker gangs, killer open mainholes and water logging in maximum colonies.We will continue our struggle against this anti citizen black policy.”said the speakers.


Some of the most active participants of this protest programme were Vakil Thakur (Jan Mukti Morcha), Raj Kumar Rajan (Congress), Abhay Goswami and America Mahto (RJD),women leader- Anita Devi,Shaukat Ali (President,Naukar Dai Mahasangh), Dr Avinash Prasad (Pensioner Samaj), Devratan Prasad, Mohan Prasad and other senior members of the Morcha.