PSERC fix time schedules for consumer services in power utilities
V K Gupta | 08 Dec 2011

The power consumer can claim compensation for delayed service by power utility

POWER CONSUMERS in Punjab will get compensation for the abnormal delays in getting their grievances redressed from New Year after  Punjab State Electricity Regulatory Commission (PSERC) has fixed time schedules for various services provided by power utilities.

Consumers can register their complaints regarding failure/interruption of power supply by any means of communication. The complaints regarding quality of power supply, defects in meter/ meter boxes/ metering system, service line, payment of bills and other services relating to power supply are to be submitted by the consumer in writing indicating the full details of their services and the default. 

In case, any consumer does not get electricity services, in time as specified by PSERC he can claim for compensation from the utility. The compensation payable by the utility for failure to deliver the services will be paid by the officer concerned by way of adjustment in the electricity bills of the immediately succeeding months upon the award of compensation. This compensation shall be recoverable through disciplinary proceedings against the individuals responsible for failure to provide service as per this notification.

Virender Singh Member PSERC informed that  this has been done to bring accountability at different  levels.The following services have been covered under the notification issued by Punjab Government. These are Normal fuse off call/complaint, Overhead Line breakdowns, Breakdowns due to breakage of poles, Underground cable breakdowns, Distribution Transformer failure, and Power Transformer failure.

Consumers can claim compensation for power outage continuously exceeding 6 hours a day during the months from April to October & 10 hours in a day during the months from November to March.

The setting right of voltage fluctuations, meters complaints and change of title and release of new connections are also covered in it.