Pune's school to host science teaching seminar
Dr. Lalit Kishore | 26 Mar 2014

Hutchings High School in Pune is going to organise a one-day school-based science teaching seminar supported by Frank Educational Aids with an aim to make science instruction effective at the middle school level. In this 135 years old ICSE-affiliated school, scores of local science teachers who are teaching according to the ISCE Board syllabus are going to participate in the seminar.

According to the organisers of the seminar the objectives of the seminar are to understand the concept attainment model of learning science and relate science textbook to classroom instruction to make science learning effective. Since in the ICSE, more importance is given to internal assessments and practical or performance tests are conducted, science teaching in the schools affiliated to this board is to be process-based and activity-oriented.

Keeping in view the envisged objectives, the five technical sessions are going to be held such as pedagogy of science teaching and nature of science; role of hands-on activities in concept learning; interesting activities like skill of drawing visual symbols, diagrams, word puzzles, language arts; reading-to-learn skills for textbook referencing and assignments, and the open session and feedback

The organizers inform that the following transactional approaches will be used for the seminar: demonstration; discussion; worksheets and activity sheets; learning material development; power point presentation, and drawing skill practice.