Punjab Home for the Blinds' inmates celebrates birth anniversary of Louis Braille
HARISH DIDO | 05 Jan 2015

Every year January 4 is celebrated as birthday anniversary of Louis Braille (4.1.1809 – 6.1.1852) who opened flood gates of knowledge for persons with visual disability and invented a complete system of raise dots a way for the blinds to read.

Today, inmates of Punjab Home for the Blind celebrated birthday of Louis Braille by paying rich floral tributes and remembering by reading the Braille books.

Speaking on the occasion, Harish Monga, Assistant Secretary said, "Remembering Louis Braille is keeping alive such souls who invented a system of teaching to the blinds."

 Kashmiri Lal, retired Lecture from DIET, who is product of Home for the Blind, highlighted the life events of Louis Braille born in a small village near Paris in France, full of struggle history, who blinded himself with a knitting needle in one, which led to a condition that stole sight from his other eye as well.

He said, earlier the blinds were ignored in the society and were confirmed to the blind schools only for learning canning, music etc. But now with the introduction of Braille system, they are educated and updated with latest technology of computer with talking facility and positioned at the high posts even on administrative posts.

Anil Gupta, General Secretary, All India Blind Association said, this is the first time that Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India, have released a half page humble tribute to Louis Braille who made possible for the visually impaired to read, write and compete at various levels.

He further said, as a mark of respect to Louis Braille, for his sacrifice and achievement of giving a system of six raised dots language for the visually impaired, the government should declare January 4 as National Holiday.