Punjab Private Aided Schools demand review of Grant-in-Aid Scheme 1967
HARISH DIDO | 03 Jul 2017

Punjab, July 2, 2017: Our education system needs major reforms for the survival of Private Aided Schools in the state in view of its wrong grant-in-aid lease scheme of 1967, said Ajay Thukral, educationist and an associate of Punjab Aided Schools Teachers and Employees Union.

In 1967, 484 schools were brought under Grant-in-Aid Lease scheme, by creating about 10,000 posts with a provision of 95 per cent grant by the government and 5 per cent will be borne by the school managements from its own sources.

Ajay Thukral, educationists from Fazilka sharing his views on the issue of reforms in education system, said these 10,000 sanctioned posts were given the 'freeze posts' with clear-cut provision that these posts can neither be decreased nor increased irrespective of number of students.  But with the passage of time, the teachers and employees started retiring with the freezing of post and there was no fresh recruitment against the grant-in-aid posts.  At present, about 32,000 employees are working in the state.  Certain schools have been closed and some are at the verge of closure but the government did not pay any heed to this important issue.

Thukral said, the aided schools in the neighbouring states like Himachal, Haryana, Rajasthan have been merged with the government schools but it is not understood as to what for, the Punjab government is still waiting to take a decision.  It looks that the future of these schools will be in dark in the times to come.

It is a matter of concern that there are certain schools in the state where the students strength is very low but it is not understood as to how these schools are being run.  There are certain schools where the teacher's strength is much more that the required against the strength of the students and vice-versa, he added.

Talking about the reforms, he said, in case the policy of merging the government schools with the aided schools where the students and teachers strength is low, the issues of both the schools can be solved.  However, a no objection certificate can be obtained before merger from the aided schools.

Thukral said, the Rajasthan government is planning to hand over 17,000 schools approximately to the private schools and in case on the same pattern, the Punjab government too think over reforming the education policy in the state instead of handing over the government schools to the private schools, it would be more appropriate to merge the aided schools with the government schools.  

There is a need to review the grant-in-aid scheme of 1967. With these arrangements, the future of both teachers and students could be secured, he added.