Punjabis maximum cancer victim due to polluted environment and bad eating habits
HARISH DIDO | 29 Sep 2014

More than 21 per cent population in the world is victim of cancer disease due to bad eating habits, polluted environment and going against the nature and in India itself, after every 17 minutes, one patient is dying due to cancer.

In the present time, the Punjab has become the capital of cancer and lack of check-up facilities at the initial stage, Punjabi becomes a vicitim of this chronic disease.

These views were exprssed by Kulwant Singh Dhaliwal, Global Ambassador of Roko Cancer Organisation UK at one day check up camp organised with the assistance of district adminstration, District Red Cross Soceity and Bhai Ghaniya Sewa Society, Fazilkia. In this camp, inaugrated by Manjit Singh Brar, Deputy Commissioner, 201 suspeted patients were checked up by conducting the tests freee of cost.

Kulwant Singhs said, it is matter of concern, that laborious Punjabis are becoming a victim of cancer, sugar, blood pressure obese like chronic diseases due to wrong eating habits and polluted environemtn and Punjab has become the capital of cancer.  

He said, the treatment of cancer is possible provided it is detected at the initial stage.  

He further said, in Punjab only, more than 6000 camps have been organized by Roko Cancer Organisation for initial check-up of cancer disease and another 1500 camps will be arranged in the coming months.  As compared to men, women are more vulnerable to cancer disease and is found in breast and uterus, he added.

He invited the people to live a simple life and donate to health institutions instead of religious places.

He informed that the next camp will be held on November 24, 2014 at Jalalabad.

Addressing the programme, Manjit Singh Brar, Deputy Commissioner said, it is matter of pleasure that border town Fazilka is beign provided Memography machine by the institution. 

He said, the major reason behind the spread of diseases is by not keeping the surroundings neat and clean and all should contibute in the Swachh Bharat Mission started in the district.