Qazi refuses to solemnise the 'contract marriage'
TR. Madhavan | 09 Feb 2015

A qazi foiled an attempt by a Somalian to marry a girl for a short duration by alerting the police. The 29-year-old man, along with three brokers, was arrested on Saturday.

Syed Ibrahim, belonging to Somalia and settled in the United States, came to the city last month along with his mother for treatment at a private hospital in Jubilee Hills.


Ibrahim contacted a broker, Mohd Wahab, a few days ago and expressed his wish to marry a local woman for a short period, the police said.


Wahab convinced two women, Shabana Begum and Shameem Begum, to persuade the 22-year-old victim, and her mother, for the marriage.


"The marriage was fixed on Saturday and Ibrahim agreed to pay Rs. 80,000 to the woman's family.


The brokers and family members agreed to divide the money in the ratio of 3:1," DCP (South) V Satyanarayana said.


The family members approached a qazi, Quadrathullah Baig, of Mustafanagar in Bahadurpura and asked him to perform the marriage. However, the man refused to solemnise the marriage and tipped off the police and a local cable channel reporter following which they were nabbed.

Mr. Satyanarayana said that Ibrahim and the broker had allegedly prepared divorce documents and the former was planning to leave the woman and go back to his country within a week.


A few months ago, the victim was married to a Sudanese national who 'divorced' her and went back to his country, the official added.


Qazi refuses to solemnise the marriage and tips off the police and a local channel