"Queen" - A whiff of fresh air !
Naim Naqvi | 14 Mar 2014

On 20 the March 2013, in the same blog, my article “What is so bewitching about Madhubala, Smita Patil and Kangna Ranaut” had appeared. That was much before “Queen” was released.

I’m reproducing a part of that writ up here: However, there is one girl who is reassuring me to be true champion for her womanhood – let me say a true Chand Bibi of Indian Cinema. Her name is Kangna Ranaut and you may or may not agree with me. I am sharing her recent interview that appeared in the most prominent newspaper of the country only a few days back. Here are some excerpts.

“I come from Surajpur, a valley near Manali that is named after my great grandfather Sarju Singh Ranaut. He was a minister for fifteen years. I come from a big family not in terms of money but reputation and grew up in a protective mountain environment.

My grandfather was an IAS officer; my father ran a construction business and mother was a teacher. I moved to a hostel in Chandigarh to pursue Science, but got exposed to art and culture. I had a close encounter with dissection that depressed me. Ever since I have been a child, I would start crying seeing anyone in pain.

I wanted to quit studies and move to Delhi to pursue sculpture making. My father slapped me for the first time at 15 and I told him, ‘If you slap me I will slap you back.’ My dad asked me to leave the house and I did without a single penny in my pocket.

I did everything a girl of that age can do to damage herself for food and shelter. Today, when I am a successful, my father, who is also a self-made man, is trying to find a part of my success which is his also and he is not able to.

I was considered a B-grade actress and was a sidekick even though I was good at what I did. Star kids are considered blue blood babas and babies, even though they are older to me, where as a Jenny from the hill, as I am referred to, is always someone to be made fun of.

People have humiliated me and scared me. They wasted time and money to destroy my career. I’m a soft target and don’t have a big daddy. I am deeply sensitive and that is what makes me a good artist. I don’t put up a fake front.

My struggle with my parents combined with the industry not accepting me made me feel alienated. I had decided to pack my bags and run from this place to live the life of anonymity.

I love my father and if there was one thing that I could change going back in time, I would have accepted the money he wanted to give me so that he could feel a part of my success story. I have everything in terms of assets, in fact everything I don’t need.

No, I don’t want to ever get married. I can’t handle a full time boyfriend. I have so much to do every day and cannot address the person’s needs of just wanting to be around them. People who get married need to go to a psychiatrist. Even if people are happily married, a legal contract for possessing someone’s body and soul is so needy.

‘If someone does that to me I will lose interest in that person.’ I like intelligent people and most actors do not have knowledge of the world around them. I want to do more things with my life. I see a number of people around me whose lives are only about money and grabbing things but are still empty and shallow. I have always done things I wanted to do and have never pleased anybody who I did not like.”

Great! Great! Marvelous! You are figure among cipher, Kangna Ranaut. You are sure, self-respecting and confident. Keep it up! I salute you for what you believe and what you do.

Since then she has come a long way. “Queen’ has established her as an actor to be taken seriously. She has grown up as an artist. All the accolades and praise that is showered upon her is taken in a very cool way by her. She didn’t talk big. “It is good that we as an industry and country are encouraging meaningful cinema. A tremendous positive response from industry and the audience has been both motivational and uplifiting.” Simple and straight was her response.

Beautiful comments followed from the intelligent and big names of film industry. Karan Johar praised her work in these words: “Kangana is beyond brilliance.” Ajit Andhare, producer and boss of Viacom18 Motion Pictures said,”This film has touched a chord.” Amir Khan lauded her work on a talk show – “Guys you have to watch QUEEN.” And the best compliment was given by Big B – “Your complete disbelief of a camera in front of you is an accomplishment all artists strive for. May your amazing talent grow with every film and may you prosper.”

Let me wind up this article with great thanks to Miss Kangana Ranaut for giving me much needed fresh air and saving me from the onslaught of the artificial Modi-Mania - hyped and sustained by biased media which Arvind Kejriwal has exposed in unguarded language.