Rabba main itna bura nahin hota - Evils of Success
AK | 28 Nov 2006

After getting information about conviction of Sanjay Dutt in Arms Act, once again I was stunned that Fame comes with a lot of tension and pity in Life. Rarely a person can survive ills and pitfalls of celebrity life. Life where you don’t have privacy, every single step is being watched by millions and no space for individual. Everyone wants to attain that fame, and glitterati with a lot of hard cash and assets, but everytime we achieve it, we unintentionally fall for its innovative wrong-ones and the moment we realize about it, we are a long way down the road. Turning back seems like trying to reach to Mt. Everest and eventually we see shame for us in eyes of our beloved ones.

I may not have been well-known person but I have seen few such moments where I was on opposite side of social norms and I can understand what emotional stress a person goes through in such situation.
"Be not afraid of greatness: some men are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them."
- William Shakespeare

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."
- Bill Cosby

Yes, Sanjay Dutt did something which was against Unity of India and if his crime is big enough than hang him for his crime, But also we should look for reasons that why a person of such caliber and status do a crime against society? Kill the evils of society and criminals will be dead automatically.
Socha nahin tha taqdeer yahan layegi
Manzil pe aate hi jaan chali jayegi
O, yeh to Sikandar ne bhi nahin tha socha
Aane se pehle khushi laut jayegi
Humne socha tha kya, aur kya se kya hua
Jaa rahe hai aaj yeh zamane ko batake

Yeh kya ho gaya rama re, yeh kya ho gaya maula re

Tera kusoor tha ya mera kusoor tha
Tera guroor tha ya mera guroor tha
Rabba main itna bura nahin hota
Tu agar bewafa nahin hota
Itna bata mujhe, kya mila tujhe
Gham ke yeh kaante meri raahon mein bichhaake

Yeh kya ho gaya rama re, yeh kya ho gaya maula re

-- Keep the Society alive by killing Crime
- - Kalingaa…