Radio tagging of Indian students
Richa gupta | 07 Feb 2011

One of the Indian students, identity concealed have said that,'we are treated like criminals and murderers'. It is really very annoying to go around wearing a detection machine, with people staring with envious eyes.

RADIO TAGGING is a radio machine to detect movements of a person or animal. It is mostly used to relocate the direction of an animal. It is really a disgusting scene seen in the U.S, where Indian students are watched like animals. Students ankle is wound by a radio machine. It is compulsory for them to wear it and there are being treated as cattle rearing.

The Indian students are helpless and facing a lot of criticism. they are not able to express their feelings of humialiation. One of the Indian students, identity concealed have said that,’we are treated like criminals and murderers’. It is really very annoying to go around wearing a detection machine, with people staring with envious eyes. the radio collar has created a feeling of inferiority and a sense of being an accused on no true evidence..’

The first issue of radio tagging was found to be seen on 19 January .the U.S officials on the other hand were very harsh on students, blaming them of taking admission on grounds of “fraud immigration”. It must be really notable that it is the U.S officials that only gave visa’s to the Indian students. In my opinion the fault lies in the university itself and due to them they are facing such conditions of extreme sad conduct.

Moreover the public affairs officer of the U.S claims such a brutal step as an oppurtunity for the Indians .They declared it as a modern trend of vigilance. Is it a modern trend to humiliate a person ,as if behaving to an animal? Or a kind of horrifying   treatment .if in future the same case happens to the U.S students, will or will not the U.S government object? It would be probably yes!.which government would just wants to sit back look their own people get dishonoured? So it is a very serious issue and it must be look into at proper time.

The Indian government is however protesting on such serious matter. The Indian ambassador Meera Shankar in Washington said that students will get a fair deal. It is a foremost duty of the Indian government to help its Indian students from overcoming such dishonour, brutality,atrocities and moreover from the supreme regime of the university officials.

The Indian government must look and investigate at superior level and find the culprit for such a disgraceful punishment. There are several question arising as one thinks at a broader aspect,do the students hold any responsibility if they were given visa’s by the U.S?

Being a student it is really understanding how would have been a student must be feeling at times when he’s watched like a hardcore criminal. It is something that goes beyond one’s imagination. It is an issue of dignity, self-respect of the Indian government and also for the Indian people.

It’s an honourable issue and it must be looked up at great zeal.