Rahul Gandhi electrified sleepy Congress poll campaign in Telangana
Narendra Ch | 22 Apr 2014

Cogress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s poll campaign in Telangana districts has electrified the Congress campaign, which was otherwise slow and sleepy. For the first time, he led the party in going offensive against Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) in a bit to divert the public attention from that party and attempted to convince the people that his party only can ensure a better future for the people.

In contrast to the “soft speech” delivered by his mother and Congress president Sonia Gandhi last week at karimnagar, he sought to impress upon the people that TRS is a party that could not be trusted. He launched a frontal attack on the “credibility” of TRS, particularly its president K Chandrasekhar Rao.


Addressing a public meetings yesterday at  Mahabubnagar and Dichpalli, in an emotional tone he explained how Rao ditched them by promising to merge his party with Congress. Without mentioning the name of KCR,  he said, “He came to my residence after the Parliament adopted the Telangana Bill.  He thanked me for realising the dreams of Telangana people and shook my hands.  He promised me of his party’s full support to the Congress. He also hugged me. He again shook my hand and said he will be with me and left my house. After coming out of the house he backstabbed the Congress. He did not stick to his word.”  


Rahul pitched for a Congress government in the new Telangana State that would be formally born on June 2, saying the front-runner TRS, "makes promises but does not fulfill them... they said a Dalit should be Telangana's CM but forgot about it. TRS wants only power.” Such leaders, Rahul said, would be of no help in the development of Telangana


He also cautioned that if the people vote for parties like TRS, they would have short-term dreams and goals. Parties like the BJP are known to divide the people on religious lines. BJP, he said, works only to benefit a few businessmen and industrialists. 


Making efforts to convince the people that Congress is the only party that genuinely strived hard for Telangana statehood, Rahul Gandhi said other parties like  TDP and the YSR Congress opposed it till the end and the BJP also did not support the Bill in Rajya Sabha. In fact, he said, it was Congress party which had taken up the T issue much before TRS was born. Over 40 MLAs had submitted a memorandum demanding T state in 2000, he said. 


Though local Congress leaders failed to mobilize massive turnout at these meetings, the youth, women and backward class people, who attended  greeted Rahul several times during Rahul’s emotional speeches. The youth, in particular, seemed to be bowled over by the Rahul’s remarks on Telangana’s future. 

To catch attention of the youth, he said “now, IT products, chappals, mobiles and all other products should be available in other countries with ‘Made in Telangana’ tag as we see ‘Made in China’ tag to each and every product in the country now.” Congress sources felt Rahul’s meeting was more successful than his mother Sonia Gandhi’s recent meeting in Karimnagar.