Rahul Gandhi's unrehearsed outburst 'Complete nonsense is immature and incompetence
HARISH DIDO | 03 Oct 2013

No doubt, the 'mission clean-up' through ordinances of right to reject and on the tainted politicians, is top priority agenda of the government especially when the Lok Sabha elections are due in the coming few months, but opposing the court orders clearly speaks the intention of politicians.

There are many remarks or opinions floating around about what Rahul Gahdhi had to say about the ordinance as ‘complete nonsense’ brought by the Central government against the Supreme Court’s judgment on the tainted politicians.

But the initiative by Rahul Gandhi to bar the entry of criminals in politics has to be understood first and then appreciated. Now the question is, had these remarks would have carried any weight if these had been said by any other person? In my opinion, it is a big No.

We should not forget that nonsense is an un-parliamentary word and if used in Parliamentary debates, it has to be expunged.

Another point needs consideration is as to whether it was a pre-planned to react like this now and why not earlier, in the absence of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to US.   Ranhul Gandhi is only the political leader in the country who can criticize the wrong decisions of his government.

But the position of Dr.Manmohan Singh Prime Minister has become really shaky as it is a set back to his personal image. Rahul is an educated youth and is being projected as future PM of India, he could have used some lucid language.  If we see it from other perspective, Rahul has expressed his inner voice

No doubt, all such major decisions of the government are decided on the people’s reaction but the single statement of Rahul Gandhi of two words ‘complete nonsense’ has changed the scenario of politics as this will help to get rid of tainted ministers with criminal background who are the main beneficiaries of this ill-conceived and unwarranted ordinance.

The present status in the government is that whole machinery is corrupt and there is no accountability and various sections are laws are confined to the pages so far as the implementation is concerned.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh would be in a dilemma as to whether ignore Rahul’s criticism and defend his Cabinet’s collective decision or keep mum, as usual, as he has already expressed his desire to work under him.  Moreover, he is in his evening shadows when the elections are due in 2014.

Frankly speaking, everyone has right to differ with one’s view and but he must have used a dignified language which is not expected from an educated youth that too when he is a candidate for becoming of a future Prime Minister. Rahul’s unrehearsed outburst on the ordinance speaks his immaturity and incompetence to hold the office of PM.