Railways should discourage people from sitting trains' roof
Vishnu Mohan | 24 Jul 2014

Passengers in overcrowded trains do not hesitate in traveling on train's roof. Though they know that high tension wires are passing over the top of the train and even with a slight contact with these wires could prove fatal but still they commute. This situation appears mainly in case of local trains or those trains that run as passenger trains or memu trains.

From safety and security view point, concerned agencies should discourage the above situation. If number of passengers is more on any particular day or during particular season, then there should be avenues for running more memo or local trains on such routes to accommodate the rush in traffic.

Laws governing this aspect should be amended in a manner that strict penalty should be enforced on the errant passenger community or trains should be stopped from plying even if one passenger is found sitting on top of any train.

Additionally, railways should be empowered to seek the help of road transport under such situations- if during a particular day or during rush seasons of local passengers, railways should request road transport department to arrange for plying more and more buses to help ease the load on railways.

Any move taken to decongest the railway coaches is in the best interest of enhancing safety for a common man. Concerned agencies are requested to do everything to ensure that congestion in railways especially in local trains and general compartments of express and superfast trains are brought to the minimum with the help of law enforcement agencies and by running more trains and adding more of general compartments.