Rajasthan Royals And Mumbai Indians Might Win Today IPL Matches
Prasant | 13 Apr 2015

For ascertaining the winners in today's match, the date matrix pattern need to be observed from angles than the normal top to bottom. And then we spot few highly interesting maths.

Today's original date is 12, complete date total is 15, the total of these two is 27. And when Sunday is added, it becomes 28.

If Steve Smith is captain, better chance for RR. And if Yuvraj Singh captains DD, it would be their chance. This because both the captains have their birth date pattern total in same number - 37 which is matching with 28.

Matches are won when the birth date detailed pattern is equal to match date matrix. The team owners should make use of this vital factor whenever such opportunities arrive. Take the example of IPL 8, itself. Like today, the beginning date [April 8] pattern too is number 28. So if Yuvraj Singh is made captain of Delhi Daredevils team, his 37 would be highly matching with it, and DD might taste success this IPL.The accuracy of the result heavily relies on honesty of the match, yes.

The same matrix when observed from the right side creates 11/25= 36. Plus Sunday = 37. As said, for those who have a 37, it is matching. For others, this is an unstable number, it gets reduced to 32.

Captain of cricket team Kings XI Punjab, George Bailey, has his birth date as 7, there is a 25 today. And his birth date total is 36, there is it too. But, the 37 version would get reduced to 32, then it is matching with Rohit Sharma, his birth date total is 32.

When we analyze the same matrix, for the third time, from left to right, we get this strange pattern-

52= 63 + 1 = 64

Here, we encounter with exceptional maths stuff. The gap between 25 and 52, as well as 36 and 63 is exactly same- 27. We will keep it in our memory.

The gap between 46 and 64 is 18 [Of 27, 9 will be left]. And when that 9 turns the 6 portion of it, the final number would be 43. George Bailey's birth date pattern total is 43, Punjab team name value is 43. It is almost a surprise maths.  

We know that any match score is always of the pattern 90/180 plus matrix number. So, any score like 127 or 217 would be the nearest guess. Today's total 27 and Sunday has the effect of 13/19= 41 too.

Astrology hint-

4 pm match- First batting begins during Gaulikya Kaalam dosha, generally severe defect.

8 pm match- First batting lagna is getting powerful aspect from own house Mars. If second batting begins before 9-45 pm, powerful venus is aspecting second lagna, equally good as first. Any delay would bring in the conjunction of Saturn which is bad then. batting team