Rajasthani cinema bounces back with movie "Pagdi"
Pagdi Movie | 19 Aug 2016

What comes first in your mind when you think about Indian Cinema? Bollywood, yes very obvious and evident, but at the same time have you ever thought how this beast has evolved? This has been evolved by the contribution of many regional artists (actors, singers, music directors, dancers etc).

Rajasthan has always played a vital role in the making and evolution of Bollywood industry. This great land has been continuously exporting talent to Bollywood be it Irfan Khan, Jagjit Singh, Sakshi Tanwar, Shreya Ghoshal, Basu Chaterjee, Shama Sikandar and many more.

But the irony is that no one recognises Rajasthani cinema for its great great contributions. Now, after an era I can feel a spark in Rajasthani regional cinema industry with movie "Pagdi". Actor Shravan Kumar is lead male actor in the film.

This movie has an amalgamation of all Indian regional cinemas in terms of their competencies, and all those have been executed in very refined way of making.

Pagdi is a story of a young man who despite numerous path breaking hurdles stands by his family and tradition to pay tribute to holy souls of his ancestors.

Actor Shravan Sagar and Ruhi Chaturvedi in female lead role rock the screen with their superb acting and dialogues.

You will cheer up each and every bit of this movie with "what is/will next" feeling. I'm sure you will live up this show and try to follow what exactly this movie teaches you in real life.