Rajat Tokas,The King Of Television
sofia Bhattacharya | 10 Mar 2016

Rajat Tokas, the name does not need any introduction anymore...The name itself has made an aura of perfection,power and royalty. It feels like yesterday when a 15 years old teenager came to the television industry and made an age old historical character alive again. Yes..I am talking about the most popular show of 2006,Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan.

In the age of Harry Potter ,Spiderman and Superman ,the small 15 years old guy actually made us sit in front our tv sets just to watch a historical show..Indeed the show was a big hit and the small guy turned to be the most popular actor of television Industry.

It was never easy for him..He actually saw the toughest part of struggling..After Prithviraj Chauhan ,His career was going downwards again .He did few show like Dharam Veer ,Keshab Pandit and Tere Liye .But They did not work out well. Then he was out of work for 2 and half years..but he never gave up and that was his strength.He believed in himself and worked hard to achieve his lost fame .And one day his hard work won and he came back with another royal role, Shahenshah Akbar.

Like he always's said in his show ,"Hume zameen par nahi, logon ke dilon mein hukoomat Karni hai ",he won zillions of heart again..Once again he became the youth icon of India and achieved 5 precious awards for his role of Akbar. He is just 24 years old and achieved 28 awards in his acting career.He is the The Prithviraj Chauhan, Akbar and soon to be The Chandragupt Maurya of tv industry..he has a huge fan following not only from India but from across the globe .And that is what makes him the true king of television industry.

Few weeks ago he acted in Naagin and played a supernatural character for the first time in his career..But his acting was so brilliant that everyone be it his fans or news reporters praised his acting.Even people praised him for putting animal instinct in the character to make it more natural.Few people stated that his acting as a mongoose reminded them of the famous Peter Pettigrew of Harry Potter series.

Now coming to his personally ,he is often called being arrogant and throwing tantrum to others.But I would say that they are highly mistaking Rajat's shy and calm nature to be arrogant .No..I am not exaggerating .He is actually very calm in real life and has always kept silence and maintained dignity no matter how bad the scenario was.He has never spoken anything against anyone while some of his co actors and fellow industry persons including the media kept complaining about his attitude.He did let his actions speak instead of defending himself by words.It is true that Rajat is maintaining a distance from his fan's for a long time but he has always come up for help when his fans were getting duped by impostors.It was indeed a good gesture of him to join a social networking site just for his fan's request while most of the actor's use social networking site of publicity.

 I really feel proud writing about a great  actor like him  with a pure soul and a courageous heart .While ending the article i would like to quote one his tweets where he says -"I want to inspire people.I want someone to look at me and say " because of you, I didn't give up"And I want to tell him that he really does inspire us and he sets a wonderful example in front of Indian youth ..