Raj(E) Kare woh Rajasthan
Eternal | 06 Mar 2008



Beholding Panorama while traveling in Ranthambore Exp from Indore to Jaipur…guided my fingers to bear down on mainframe keys to write something for so called North West frontier of India…. DESPITE being subjected to a prolonged five-year drought, the average Rajasthani never bemoans his fate… this is what the locals have proved in times gone by… well this is the time when BJP’s fighting infighting and leaderless congress are again searching for their boneless chickens in Ram Bagh from the money of painstaking peasants of Marudhara… Non offensive Gehlot gifted Rajasthan to BJP last elections due to superimposition of corruption on GG {Gehlot’s Governance} and Delhi Demands…The insatiable thirst for money and more money lead a lady to rule very conservative state…. But state of affairs did not changed, last five years have witnessed mushrooming of thousands of fluid shop all over Rajasthan and spoiled serenity of every locality, and credit goes to none other then liquor vasunadhara… for each polling both Ms escapade have opened two Theke… unfortunately for the BJP, Madam’s ghastly image of mis-deeds overshadowed her accomplishments in fields of employment generation or gifting new Indian institute… Caste Politics always played an momentous role in Elections of Raj… three years down the line from millennium Meena’s Thakurs and Jat’s along with women favored Fundamentalist in Province.. Even looking at the Backward class mood in tune with BJP in bordering Madhya Pradesh OBC’s too voted in wave for the Janta party… but state of affairs are different this time because even Shamla hills is in mood of saying Shivraj bye bye… well its not even that easy for Congress as leaderless road shows and annoyed jat’s with denotified gurjars and meena’s can turn the positive flow of tone for the party…Well, Now it will take less then a one year when we will get to know whose lumax will light M.I.Road and who will host the flag on Gandhi Maidan… who will drive to fateh sagar and whose ambassador will enjoy chambal’s safari… . Whatever may be the situation… Its high time for rangeelo rajasthan… to decide that Raj karega Rajasthan or Raj(E) kare wo Rajasthan……

Ishan V Vyas