Rajya Sabha seat for rupees 100 crores!

It refers to yet other confession about big role of money now this time for Rajya Sabha elections by a sitting Rajya Sabha member Virender Singh when he said a Rajya sabha seat can be ‘purchased’ in rupees 100 crores. Rajya Sabha is fast turning into a Rajaa Sabha where even Election Commission had to countermand elections from Jharkhand to this Billionaires Club, because of big role of money power by money-tycoons contesting elections to the Upper House. How far it is justified to accommodate rejected political-heavyweights of Lok Sabha elections in Rajya Sabha? Several prominent personalities nominated in the House like Lata Mangeshkar wasted their tenure as Rajya Sabha member by rarely attending the proceedings of the ‘Prestige Club’. Former Union Defence Minister George Fernandes was ‘made’ member of the House only to retain a ministerial bungalow, monetary benefits and other princely privileges being enjoyed in his name by his near ones, despite the fact that he even was not in a position to take oath by himself. It is a big question-mark if his membership is justified when his oath was read by some other Rajya Sabha member. His attendance-record needs to be scrutinized. 


If stricter rules regarding attendance, continuous absence from the House and medical fitness, together with re-introducing secret vote to check use of money-power in Rajya Sabha elections are not formulated, then it is fraud on tax-payers’ hard-earned money to continue with such a white elephant of the Parliament. Persons having lost any direct election must not be allowed to become Rajya Sabha members for next six years.

Vidhaan Parishads in states which were gradually being abolished by many states in post-emergency period after 1977 with just five remaining at a time, are being gradually revived to politically rehabilitate favourites of political rulers. Since these serve absolutely no purpose, constitutional provision of having Legislative Councils in states should altogether be abolished.