Ramdev claims homosexuality a curable disorder
Dr. Lalit Kishore | 12 Dec 2013

Hailing the Supreme Court's verdict of upholding the consensual sex between adults of the same-sex as a punishable offence, yoga guru Baba Ramdev said that the same-sex relations were unnatural and curable behavior. It was Ramdev’s press secretary SK Tijarawala who had filed a PIL about four years ago against the order of the Delhi High Court, which had decriminalized consensual same-sex relationships.

Ramdev said that the practice of homosexuality was unnatural, uncivilized, immoral, sinful and abnormal.  While offering his services, he invited the people with such tendencies to hish ashram for getting cured. Ramdev said that homosexuals were invited to his Patanjali Ashram for sure shot cure. According to him, homosexuality was not genetic and natural. He deemed that homosexuality was an acquired unnatural behavior.

Most religions regard a same-sex relationship a perversion, an unnatural act, a crime against nature and a sin that tries to undermine a divine order. Any sexual relationship outside a heterosexual marriage is considered inappropriate in many societies.

 However, psychology of homosexuality indicates that many people have a compelling sense that their gender identity is not in conformity with their biological sex. Therefore, such people do not have the heterosexual orientation and are unable to express a gender identity that is other than simply ‘male’ or ‘female’. And go for same-sex relationships.

In many countries the same-sex marriages have been legalized. The psychology of homosexuality informs that gay men, lesbians and bisexual people are usually content with their gender identity and are more peaceful than so-called normal people.