Vinod Anand | 10 Aug 2013

RAMPANT CORRUPTION IN BSA OFFICE (VINOD ANAND) Rampant corruption is prevailing in the Education Department. For transfer of teachers, large sum of money is charged regarding from Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1, 30,000 per transfer. According to sources in BSA office one clerk and a peon are the master mind behind this. Transfer files here are seen by ‘Babus’. This clerk is also has a nick name S.C. and is known for all kinds of hanky-panky works. All the transfer files pass through his hands. According to sources when the Smajwadi Party Government formulated and introduced its transfer policy, this clerk started making money. In nexus with the BSA rates for schools have been set. For transfer of one’s own choice, the rate is Rs. 1, 30,000. If a school is situated on the road and you want transfer in that, then the rate is Rs. 80,000. And if you have source of a big shot even then one has to pay Rs. 50,000. The rules of the game are simple, either pay this much or else your file will not move. This is the reason why on Tuesday teachers tired of this wide-spread corruption, protested at BSA office, locked it up and held the BSA hostage for many hours. Sources further informed that if a teacher does not want to teach then for that too rates are fixed. Even if a teacher does not go to school, this full attendance will be shown in the register and for this that teacher has to give away 25% of his salary. Sources also informed that in the name of transfers/postings in last one month, this ‘Babu’ has earned about Rs. 2 crore in the name of the BSA. How much share he got in this huge sum, he alone knows. However discussion regarding this has reached from the BSA office to DM office. Within this small span of time this person has made huge money. During the time of BSP Government, he used to claim that he was close to a Minister. Because of this deep rooted corruption in BSA office, any time the BSP and BJP workers can launch a campaign. VHP leader Pawan Srivastava has said that if the transfer/posting list issued by BSA office is not cancelled then they will protest in front of District Magistrate’s office. In the same way a BJP leader said that a letter will be sent to the CM informing him about this rampant corruption in BSA office. They will request the cross- checking of entire list and if those who found guilty are not punished then they will launch protest.