Ramzan-The Month to Abstain From Negative Activity
Vinod Anand | 10 Aug 2013

Ramzan-The Month to Abstain From Negative Activity (Vinod Anand) Ramzan, the pious month is not only for fasting in the name of Almighty but it also teaches us to refrain from ongoing in negative activity. Prophet, used to say that, Roza or fasting becomes worthless if the person observing it continues to engage in negative activity like backbiting, jealously, deceit and corruption. Elaborating on the significance of the Ramzan fast, the Prophet once said, “Roza is a shield’ that protects us from misfortune, malaise untoward happenings. After describing Roza as a shield, the prophet explained the use of this shield by saying that whenever anyone proceeds towards you with nefarious intentions, you should tell him, “I am observing Roza”. Mohd. Zaidyed, a student at University of Allahabad from Afghanistan said that one day while he was returning to hostel after purchasing some items from Katra, some miscreants tried to stop him and started using unsavory and incident ‘language. Initially he tried to pacify them, but to no avail. Giving the situation I said calmly, “I am on Roza” and remained cool and quiet. They left ire, saying that they would teach me lesson. It was after a month or so after the said incident a few of those elements again met me in college premises and apologized for their past action because they had behaved badly with me thinking I was someone else. It was a case of mistaken identity. The situation could have taken a worst turn; had not I remained calm at that time and tolerated their misdemeanors because of Roza. Cleric says fasting inculcates is us a sense of sharing and therefore, we feel compassion for all beings. One who observes Roza becomes kind hearted and avoids crudeness while dealing with others, he further added. Another cleric, said, “If only we could extend or prolong the feeling of compassion and oneness that fasting inculcates in us, it would make the world a very pleasant place to live in. Has not this been the long cherished hope and prayer of every prophet reformer and social activist? Though the Muslim residents of old city areas are facing tough time due to unsanitary civic condition there, but Rozedars are letting no stone unturned in their ‘Ibadat’ prayer. The prophet has said ‘It is the month of endurance and the reward of endurance is Paradise’ cleric Maqbool Hussain of Jawar Masjid, Chowk said “Fasting is the sword and shield against sins. And he who fasts with pure faith, Allah forgives his past sins. He added, fasting is recognized to be instrumental in alleviating a number of Physical diseases and so helps keep the body fit. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from fasting. For the first time ‘Tarawih’ was organized at Hazral Qamran Ali Shah alias Line Shah Baba Platform No.1, on the occasion of 11th Shab of Ramzan. Mutawalli Hazi Intezar Ahmed Sahab, said next year more proper arrangements will be made for ‘Tarawih. Roza Iftar party was also organized at Line Shah Baba on Platform No.1.