Ranbeer Case
B K Upmanyu | 10 Jul 2009

Eyewitnesses report that Ranbir was already bleeding profusely when his alleged showdown with police took place and that a man, who was not a police personnel, hit him with a stone on his forehead. The entire incident took place in front of the Mohini Road gurdwara and the victim was later bundled off in a police van. Amid various incongruities in the police theory on the alleged encounter, this is a fresh fact come to light. According to an eyewitness living close to the site of incident, this man, who was not a policeman, was seen aiming a big stone at Ranbir in the afternoon of July 3. The stone allegedly hit him, causing a wound on the forehead.“The man had already hit the victim with the stone as his forehead and he was bleeding from the wound. The man was then seen aiming at him for a second time,” the eyewitness said on conditions of anonymity.Till now there has been talk only about the fight between police and Ranbir Singh and the man with the stone was not in the picture. However, according to the eyewitness, the man was apparently frowning at the victim as the latter was being battered mercilessly by police. It was only after this that police took him away in the van to Nehru Colony police station.Another important issue that has come to light was that GD Bhat, the cop in the eye of the storm, also made conflicting statements regarding the timing of his FIR. Bhat’s FIR statement was registered at 1.30 pm while his scuffle with the three accused started at 1 pm. According to a senior police officer, such timings are not generally accurate but such possibilities cannot be ruled out. The third point raises doubts over the exact role played by local builder Parvez Anjum. What compelled Anjum to run nearly 300 metres in order to chase away the three men alleged to have manhandled the SI eventhough no one else in the vicinity came to his aid is a question asked by several people.