Rashtriya Antyodhya Congress - newly formed political party - expands its hands in Punjab
HARISH DIDO | 20 Jan 2015

Rashtriya Antyodhya Congress, a newly formed political party with recognition from Election Commission of India about six months back have started expanding its hands in various states.

The party has been constituted on being motivated from the ideology of B.R.Ambedekar,  and Mahatam Gandhi, Father of Nation and now headed by Prem Goyal as its National President.

As a part of expanding the party in Punjab State, a press conference was arranged by the local office bearers here today.

Speaking to the media persons, in a press conference held today in the Press Club, Preet Chand Tusam, National Secretary said, none of the political has thought for the welfare of dalits except creating a vote bank with false promises.

Giving a reference of Ambedekar's words to Pt.Jawahar Lal Nehru, first Prime Minister of India that till such time the dalit community is not uplifted, the country will not proper. 

To uplift the dalit community is the aim of the party, he said.  He further said, there is a need to put an end to the contract system and provide employment.  By eradicating unemployment, all problems in the society would be solved. 

He however, admitted that the party has been formed by disassociating itself from Congress as we have felt some discrimination with the community.

He said, despite reservation in jobs, he said, the selection is made on recommendations or greasing of palm.  He confidently said that what could not be done in more than six decades, RAC will do.  He appealed to all categories of people to support them.

In reply to the queries from the media, he said, since the time for the municipal elections is short, we hope to contest on almost all the seats in the coming elections in 2017. 

Regarding Bahujan Samaj Party already in existence representing the dalits, he said, the party too had not cared for the community.

On asking about  the parties are launched near the elections and later on merged with other party, he said, whosoever will talk about the uplifting of  dalit community, we will associate with them.

Present among others were Narinder Sandhu, District President, Baba Anait Shah, Chairman Mazdoor Bhatta Union, Basant Kaur, Block President, Manav Bhatti, President Youth Morcha and others.