Read Geeta daily for happy and successful life : Pt. Subrhanyam Shastri

"The Geeta is the greatest holiest book in the world which teaches us the art of living. Children and youths should read the Geeta daily for happy and successful life. Peace is inside,not outside. We should use all natural resourses wisely for sustainable development. Eat vegetarian food for good health and thoughts. Watch good TV serials for positive thoughts. Be honest in every business or duty for prosperity and progress. There should be punishment for good judicial system. Help the needy for the blessings of the god," said the eminent Geeta scholar and thinker of Varanasi, Pandit Subrhanyam Shastri during his spritual discource at Sri Naga Baba Thakurbari at Kadamkuan on Sunday evening.

"Human life is precious.Live in discipline and respect your parents and elders for making your home like a heaven.Respect the Ganga and the cow as your mother.Speak truth for eternal peace and happiness." Pandit Shastri further added.

The campus of the Sri Naga Baba Thakurbari at Kadamkuan,Patna was echoing with the devotional songs of Lord Srikrishna on Sunday evening.Devotee of Sri Krishna, Pandeyjee and a woman with her son were singing the Hindi devotional songs there.The ocassion was concluding day of seven days Sri Geeta Gyanamrit Pravachan Samaroh (15 to 21 September,2014) by the eminent Geeta scholar and spritual thinker Pandit Subrahanyam Shastri.This spritual discourse was organised by the Adhyatmik Satsang Samiti,Patna.

Pandit Subrhanyam Shastri was welcomed by the members of the Adhyatmik Satsang Samiti,Patna with the garlands of tuberose and marigold.The devotees also presented sweets,fruits, clothes and money as a token of love and respect to him.

Pandit Shastri also appreciated the good managementof Sri Naga Baba Thakurbari,Adhyatmik Satsang Samiti and devotion of the devotees of Patna.Despite waterlogging in the Mathura Prasad Sinha Road,Kadamkuan,Patna the presence of 200 devotees indicated their love and devotion with Lord Srikrishna,the Geeta and the acharya.The anchor of the programme was Ram Naresh jee. General Secretary of the of the Samiti, Nirmal Jhunjunwala, Motilal Khetan,Radheshyam Bansal and Shiv Kumar were also present in this programme.