Reallocate power to northern states-AIPEF
V K Gupta | 09 Aug 2013

Delhi is power surplus round the year and private DIscoms are minting money without any investment

Reallocate power to northern states from central  projects--AIPEF

Tuesday August 6 2013


All India Power Engineers Federation (AIPEF) while  demanding  the reallocation of power to northern states from  central sector projects has alleged that undue benefit of Rs. 4463 crore has been given to private Discoms supplying power to Delhi.

 AIPEF in a letter to Prime Minister has sought his intervention  towards urgent requirement of reallocation of central sector power to northern states as most of these states are paying heavy charges and penalty towards unscheduled interchange ( UI)  charges while private Delhi Discoms  are minting money through UI by way of surrendering allocated power every month for the last six years.

The allocation of central power to Northern states is not fair and UI cannot become a mechanism for earning money every day, every month and every year for private Discoms of Delhi.

AIPEF has urged the Chief Ministers of Haryana and Punjab to take up the matter with  Ministry of Power  immediately for  reallocation of power  to northern states  on urgent basis so that undue favor being bestowed on  Delhi DISCOMS is withdrawn and justice is done to all northern States.


It is worthwhile to mention that Northern states are having shortage of power due to which most of the states are forced to overdraw from Northern grid to meet their power requirement and depending upon the grid frequency they have to pay heavy charges for UI. On the contrary private Discoms  of Delhi are surrendering central allocated power every month and they mint money on this account while they did not spend a single paisa for generating this central allocated power.

V K Gupta a spokesperson of Federation said that Haryana and Punjab have paid   heavy UI charges during the same period due to less allocation of power from central sector as compared to their requirements. During last seven years  of  2006-07 to 2012-13, Haryana has paid  Rs.5230 crore while Punjab has paid  Rs.2511 crore  on account of UI charges , while Delhi Discoms (Reliance & Tata) have earned Rs.4463 crore  during this period by surrendering central allocated power  without spending a single paisa.

It may be mentioned that Uttar Pradesh paid maximum of Rs. 7541 crore on power over drawl .Rajasthan and Uttrakhand paid Rs.3809 crore and  Uttarakhand Rs.1824 crore respectively.