Recognition of the Valentine
Viren Naik | 28 Jan 2012

There are two human identities Body and Soul. Today, our purpose of life in satisfying the desires created by the body. The simple necessity of the soul is neglected. The body dies and the soul just keeps wandering searching for the soul mate.

I have told you before be patient

Why panic when I am all yours

Some people wait years
You have waited only a year
We have just begun to swim
Let all the clouds be dispersed
You will see me shining like the sun
All pure and loyal with coolness of the moon
But I already know who my competitors are
Strange but you have a very vivid and a diverse taste
Very strange as this is against your Intellectual characteristics
But we are destined for that as this exactly happened
In previous incarnation and one to come again next
This is the story of our souls that can never change.
Again you are influenced by the body lust satisfaction
Black or Brown, young or old, Cousin or Uncle Vacancy for all.
I wait for the day when you realise that these are
Requirements of the body not the soul.
I wait for the day when you realise that our bodies
May have different ages our souls are aged eternally equal.
I wait for the day when you would know Lust, Greed, Anger, and Ego
Are just the chains that bond you into gaining unreal instant body pleasure?
You forget that like the driver is to a car the soul is to the body
The clarity of the vision is through Charity,Love, Sacrifice and Tolerance.
It is different with humans when the two cars bump the drivers are blamed
But then it is the bodies and not the soul that gets the indictment
You are running after the instant pleasures of the Body but when you
Realise that you have to make your soul to participate with the body
The pleasure you will get will be eternal and you will be together for ever
Bonded in trust and love and will live forever in spirit for incarnations to come
You may say we only live once so let us indulge in body satisfaction
But would you prefer instant or eternal that is the question.
Your soul is not cheating another soul  you would like to believe
Your body is cheating another body but is that correct?.
Your body functions are to be Born, Grow, Reproduce and Die
A universal format for all living beings anywhere in the Cosmos.
So are you saying that in your thoughts?
Your actions do not hound you with guilt.
If it does not than you share your vision of spirit with Animals
If it does than you are a thinking Human after all.
For every action has a reaction and in the spirit of Time
All your actions rebound on you as guilt if the voice of the soul be ignored.
In every birth cycle the Soul mates are bound to meet.
When you are enlightened in the spirit your vision becomes clear.
However as the destiny says the soul mates sometimes meet very late
Sometimes they meet as bodies of relatives, strangers, friends, associates etc.
But recognition comes when your own original soulmate joins you
They normally talk through their eyes; there is unison without thebody too at first.
Even if we don’t speak or see each other in time
Have faith and know this I shall never let you down