RED ALERT IN ALLAHABAD TOO: SSP directed to keep special eye on Hotels and Railway Stations
Vinod Anand | 10 Aug 2013

RED ALERT IN ALLAHABAD TOO: SSP directed to keep special eye on Hotels and Railway Stations (Vinod Anand) Allahabad along with the rest of the State has been put on High Alert following the Pune blasts on Wednesday evening. IG (Law and Order) BP Singh, issuing the alert call in the entire state, has directed all the district police chiefs, including the Allahabad SSP, to maintain vigil around important establishments in their respective areas to thwart plans of anti-social elements. Mr. B.P.Singh has asked them to check hotels, railway stations and other sensitive places and nab unscrupulous elements. No wonder the IG has also asked them to deploy adequate forces sensitive places and ensure patrolling in their areas. We have to be extra alert on three counts. In the-first instance, the Independence Day is fast approaching. Terrorists may plan to strike then. Secondly, we are passing through the observance of the Holy month of Ramzan. And thirdly, owing to the fast-approaching Mahakumbh, coming as it does after 144 years, the brisk but panicky preparations that are on have rendered the city almost bare, unprotected by the safety of well-laid roads and endangered by the hiding places offered by the dug-up trenches. This threat may last till the Maha Kumbh. Anyone can place a bag of explosives in the dug-up trenches or in pits and potholes on our roads and cause a deafening explosion of very high intensity. The IG has called for special attention to sensitive areas. But so far as Allahabad is concerned the whole city has turned into a sensitive area because of the lack of easy accessibility to most of the areas, especially after a heavy downpour. The real problem lies in the difficulty that will be faced by patrolling cops. How would they move about in sensitive areas especially in the marooned localities where the mischief-mongers or even those having links with terror outfits or their sleeping modules could be comfortably lying low to strike at the right moment? While patrolling will help, an occasional vigilance could be exercised through aerial surveillance too. The patrolling will certainly have a deterrent impact but may also alert the criminals to choose safer regions where they may hide plan and execute their strategies. It would therefore be most essential to step up the intelligence machinery and place it on full gear. This will certainly help in tracking the anti-social elements.