Reducing security to our leaders

Opinion polls approve of reducing security cover to political leaders except in the case of the President, Prime Minister .Perhaps payments should be made by those who require the status symbol of security cover.

THOSE WHO fear their lives for ‘serving’ people (or themselves) may not enter politics at all rather than being an unwanted white elephant on tax-payers in name of security which is nothing but status-symbol for those crying for it. It was indeed unfortunate that SP leader Amar Singh was awarded status-symbol of enhanced security-cover as bargain for support to the then UPA government. All opinion-polls unanimously approve of providing any security-cover to political leaders (except like President, Prime Minister) only on payment by those requiring status-symbol of security-cover.
A TV discussion revealed about a nation where security to even Prime Minister is available only when he is on official duty. Once the Prime Minister of that nation was attacked while he was returning after seeing a movie in the picture-hall, and a discussion was there in the Parliament if security-cover could be extended while Prime minister was not on official assignment. Opposition-leader stood to say that only those should accept Prime-Ministerial chair who were ready to bear bullets on their chests, adding that he was ready to be Prime Minister on that promise.
Due to the major terror attacks in India, people are scared whether they will return home or not. We keep reading about the lack of security even at the hit list areas but our politicians couldn't understand the situation of common man, but they will surely do. Let us see how are politicians deal with it.