Relax Power Curbs Today
Vinod Anand | 10 Aug 2013

Relax Power Curbs Today (Vinod Anand) Today (August 10, 2012) was supposed to be the deadline fixed by UPPCL chief A.P.Mishra for the completion of the work on the shifting of electricity poles in the city. How far the work has progressed is anybody’s guess. But if past experience be any guide, one is unlikely to see the deadline being honored. However if indeed the bulk of the work has been completed and only a day’s labour is required to give the finishing touches then, it will be hoped, that the deadline would be extended by another day. This is because today happens to be Janmashthmi and people are in a festive mood. They will indeed be put off if power plays the truant. Even if the work is halted for a day, as it might have to be even otherwise because the labourers would also be insisting on a day off to be with their families on this joyful occasion, it is not necessary that power supply to Allahabad would be maintained. One hopes that all efforts will be made to at least ensure that the festivals joy is not marred by forced power cuts - because the people will not appreciate that. Our Muslim brethren have also been put to gross inconvenience in this unfriendly weather. Even if at times the weather cools down because of lashing showers, they still need electricity, especially when namaz and other rituals and ceremonies have to be performed. In the darkness it is not possible for many of them to find way for themselves to the mosques for offering prayers. Moreover, shopping time during Ramzan is mostly at night. In Muslim-dominated areas one finds markets well lighted and customers can be seen thronging the area to make purchases. Guests have arrived from other cities too to be with their near and dear ones during the fasting month and also for the festival of Eid. Absence of electricity acts as a big damper. Those who can afford a power generator may be better off. But most of them have the old-type generators making ear- shattering noises that contribute so much towards aggravating the sound pollution. For the have-nots it is double torture. They have to suffer the heat, the darkness as also risk damaging their ear-drums. Will the Power authorities fulfill the assurance given the other day that power won’t be cut in Muslim dominated areas early in the morning and late in the evening for Iftar and other ceremonies that follow? ,.