Reliance Group's Mission: Go Digital!
Rahul Bakshi | 13 Jul 2015

The Anil Ambani led Reliance Group has decided to invest Rs 10,000 crore to fund transformational initiatives across the Cloud, Digital and telecom space. This decision is in line with the Prime Minister's Digital India Programme launched on July 1 2015, aimed at digitally revolutionizing the masses and thereby making India a digitally empowered nation.

Reliance Group's telecom subsidiary, Reliance Communications, is already India's largest provider of data centre facilities, with a total capacity of over 6,00,000 sq ft. In lieu of recent developments, Anil Ambani added that the group plans to double the data centre capacity to 1.2 million sq ft in next coming years. Reliance Communications already has 11 data centers, connected by India's largest terrestrial fiber network and the world's largest submarine sub-sea cable infrastructure, that constitute a vital core of India's digital backbone.

The Group will also deploy a next-generation content and Cloud Delivery Network and double data centre capacity in the country. Ask about the whole purpose of it and Anil Ambani states that Digital India's success depends on availability of unlimited cloud computing power .The network will have five fully operational Cloud Xchange points, a first of its kind in India, which Reliance Group believes will be fully deployed by the end of the year. "The Network will have ability to scale up 100% every 90 days as Digital India initiative gathers momentum," Ambani said. Moreover, Reliance's Xchange nodes can help the government departments access 240 times the amount of computing power currently available in Government data centers, and over 6 times the high speed storage currently available in India.

In addition to cloud service and data center facilities, the Group will launch schemes to encourage 300 million customers across businesses to secure their own Digital Lockers. "A futuristic element of the Prime Minister's Digital Vision is a Digital Locker for every citizen," Ambani said.

"Having already signed up for this personally, it will be my effort to persuade others in our Group to enrol," Ambani further added.