Reliance Industries and Algenol launch Algae Production Platform
sacchitjogi07 | 23 Jan 2015

With the joined efforts of Reliance Industries and Algenol, India got its first ever successful Algenol algae production platform.

With the joined efforts of Reliance Industries and Algenol, India got its first ever successful Algenol algae production platform. The location of this demonstration module is fixed at the world's biggest plant, Reliance's Jamnagar Refinery.

The process

Many production cycles of Algenol's wildtype host algae has been accomplished through this demonstration. The fuels production capacities of Algenol's advanced fuel producing algae and systems were also demonstrated. The process of fuel production of Algenol can convert 1 metric tons of carbon dioxide into 144 gallons of fuel. It recycles carbon dioxide from industrial processes through direct-to-ethanol method and transforms as much as 85% of the gasusedinto ethanol, gasoline, diesel and jet fuels. The headquarters of Algenol at Fort Myers, Florida has been successfully operating advanced fuel producing algae technology.

Reliance Industries and Algenol have been sharing a good relationship since few years. Reliance Industries is one of strategic investors in Algenol's technology since June, 2011.

Engineers and biologists from Reliance and Algenol worked to complete the making of the system by November, 2014. After that, many shake-down runs and systems tests were conducted and a large number of successful batches of algae have been grown. At present, the day-to-day operations of the project are being handled by Reliance Industrieswhile Algenol supports in training and operational activities.

What CEO of Algenol said?

Paul Woods, Founder and CEO of Algenol informed the purpose of this project. He said that the project is designed to show that the Algenol system in India is very robust. He also said that the deployment of their technology in India is a very vital milestone that they have achieved. He is hopeful that the two companies, in the future will integrate the refinery operations even more widely.

He further explained, "The initial project start-up and smooth transition begins to prove the viability of our technology in varying environments across the globe and the ability of partners to operate our production systems without Algenol's day-to-day involvement."

How will it benefit India?

Amongst the largest producers of carbon di-oxide, India ranks third in the world. This means the country has abundance of gas that can be converted. This technology of producing ethanol and renewable crude oil will help to meet India's energy demands on a large scale. It will also be a boon for the environment. The conversion of carbon dioxide will facilitate reduction in the emissions of greenhouse gases. Besides, Algenol uses saltwater instead of freshwater for the fuel production. As India is widely prone to droughts and water scarcity, this is another advantage for it. At present, salty sea water from the Arabian Sea is being utilized.

About Algenol

Founded in 2006, Algenol is a global, biotechnology company. It is commercializing its patented algae technology platform for production of the four most useful fuels such as ethanol, gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. It makes use of proprietary algae, sunlight, carbon dioxide and salt water to produce the low-cost fuel.