Reliance Retail to sell REX School Shoes
sacchitjogi07 | 25 Mar 2015

REX school shoes, a popular brand of Delhi's DEIEM India Pvt. Ltd. announced on Sunday that they have signed a memorandum of understanding with the subsidiary of Mukesh Ambani led- Reliance Industries Ltd.

According to the pact, the retail arm of Reliance Industries will be marketing REX products at their own outlets.

Customers will soon be able to buy REX school shoes and REXGOLA in all the stores of Reliance Retail spread across major cities throughout India. The first supply order of REX Shoes from Reliance Retail stores has been received.

The Chairman of DEIEM India, Satvinder Singh Madaanis highly hopeful of this deal. He feels that this tie-up will increase their sales by a large number.

E-commerce of Reliance Industries

Reliance Industries is planning to roll out itse-commerce business at the same time around the launch of 4G services from Reliance Jio Infocomm. The company is in full action of hiring many beginners and experts of the field. 2,000 people will be employed for its e-commerce business. Besides, the internal HR team will also hire around 8,000-10,000 people for tasks like delivery, supply and logistics.

6 CXO (Chief Experience Officer) will be posted in the e-retail venture. Out of these, 3 have already been selected. Reliance Industries is looking for experienced people in the field and thus is hiring from the rival companies. The Ex-Assistant Vice-President and Head of Planning at Myntra, AdityaMukerji is now a part of Reliance Retail.

The e-commerce portal of Reliance Retail will be divided into three categories, namely fashion and lifestyle, groceries and electronics. Reliance Retail will set up their teams for grocery, electronics and technology in Mumbai. The team for fashion and lifestyle will be based in Bengaluru.

Sources informed that the company wants to replicate the strategies of the giant U.S. retail company, Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart has a renowned name for both online and offline services.

Reliance Retail's existing e-business

The grocery brand of Reliance Industries, Reliance Fresh Direct launched its online services in November, last year. Before rolling it out, the company conducted pilot tests for over 6 months. Its employees at its Corporate Park's campus in Navi Mumbai were asked to use and test the services. The company wanted to overcome the shortcomings before presenting it to the consumers. The service is now available in Mumbai and more than 6,000 items can be ordered from it.

Aligning e-commerce with 4G

Reliance Jio's 4G LTE services will be made available to a large number of people. The fast speed will let users have access to the e-commerce portal through their phones. This will benefit the company as more and more customers will be attracted. Hence, the company is planning both the launches around the same time. The company has also planned to keep the rates of 4G as low as the rates of its 2G and 3G services.