Remedies for Corruption
Dhaval Jog | 08 Mar 2007

Its all about how the youth want the nation to be. What you think you do it, and you can do what you think. All that is needed is self backup and self support

Today we are discussing about the latest technology and we want to get the best out of it. In this race we gave birth to new disease which is more dangerous than AIDS and Cancer. The disease is labeled under the head of corruption. This corruption named disease is man made and most hazardous. But we have power to curtail it and over come it. Just it requires few commandments to be followed and I list it as below.
Commandments to fight against corruption
1)    First try to improve ourselves.
2)    Try to stop the malpractices in your surrounding.
3)    Stop believing on anyone blindly and have a questioning power with elders as few corrupt steps are taught by our elders.
4)    Never follow the way without any goal
5)    Don’t adopt the “Let go attitude.”
6)    Settlement and compensation should not be excepted if it is to be done monetarily
7)    Always keep yourself aware of developments of surrounding.
8)    Never take any illegal support or improper way to solve your problem.
9)    Always be arguing for your right.
10) Always protest for getting things done fast.
11) Keep questioning elders about there sources of income and make them realize about there wrong deed emotionally
12) Always stand on this commandments and never follow the corruption and don’t encourage it by any way
These are the steps that I feel to be followed to get ourselves out of the corruption. Today corruption is done in every step by us. First we all take License through the agent and avoid the test of RTO and pay more. Secondly we take all the work through the agent and pay more so that work should expedite. We take “black ka ticket” when we reach late in hall. We try to apply the “Let go attitude.” We always try to find third way which opens with the power of money. We always try to hit the target with the help of money. Today money power is increased than the humanity or human importance. We are required to stop this all malpractices so that at least we don’t repeat the mistake that our elders did. i.e. to pass corruption. Today’s situation is that child as grows and get settled than never cares about old parents. But the time will come when the child once grows he/she will take property and kill their parents. As most of us are indirectly taught that money is power and passed corruption to our generation. But as we will pass the same than it will be “ Apna Sapna Money Money” and no value of relationship will sustain. Most of western countries have realized it so they are avoiding money to rule their relationship but we will make it late if we don’t awake by the alarming sound right now.