Research is the key say experts at Praj Hipurity
mohan | 17 Jun 2015

Formerly known as Neela Systems, Praj Hipurity has helped several companies across the globe with its extensive range of water treatment process.

Formerly known as Neela Systems, Praj Hipurity has helped several companies across the globe with its extensive range of water treatment process. The core purpose of these water treatment processes is to optimize the usage of a precious resource like water. Each time water is used in an industrial process, the challenge is that it gets polluted. This pollution renders it unfit for consumption as well as repeat usage. The result is a situation where we end up losing the precious resource of water at a pace that is way too higher than the one at which it is regenerated. Gradually, this situation is capable of leading towards a time of water scarcity. The only way to avoid this is to adapt to water treatment processes that allow us to optimize the use of this precious resource. This is where the state of the art solutions offered by Praj Hipurity come across as the perfect solution.

With a credible amount of experience and expertise in the domain of water treatment for the pharmaceutical sector and the other domains, Praj Hipurity has acquired the specialization when it comes to treating water. From water for injections and bioreactors to the water purification process for the manufacturing centre, Praj Hipurity has the knowledge and the systems. The company has served a wide variety of clientele across diverse categories. At Praj, the core motto that guides them towards this pursuit of excellence is research. Yes! The company invests paramount efforts and a marathon sum of money to ensure that its research facility is regularly updated with the latest tools and techniques.

The idea of doing so is to give the employees the much needed technical freedom when it comes to pursuing their research subjects. The research is focused on developing water treatment solutions and related options. Guided by a motive of helping industry maximize their efficiency and at the same time adapt to more environment-friendly processes, the research and development wing at Praj Hipurity strives hard to ensure that its goals are met.

Backed by a team of expert scientists and researchers, the development wing at Praj Hipurity dedicates itself towards the cause of assisting the existing processes of the organization in its pursuit of solutions that are efficient and effective. Till date, the research wing has successfully acquired several credits for itself. These credits also include patents for processes that have been known to transform the way of functioning in a business drastically.

The experts here work round the clock in their endeavour to do better. As a result of this hard work, Praj Hipurity is amongst the few companies that has established a portfolio of clients and projects that puts it in the league in this category. From affordable solutions to customized options, Praj Hipurity does it all making it one of the most recommended names in the domain.