Reservation :crush or boon for development
Devika Rath | 18 Apr 2017

Rather than using Reservation base on caste if it is used on properly to uplift the actual needy one ,it would help in development of the country.

We live in a country where freedom is gift of democracy and sovereignty .Our constitution gives us the right to enjoy the right of freedom given in articles 19,20,21,21(a) ,22.Every citizen would be treated equally irrespective of their caste , creed, color, culture, tradition, sex, religion etc but on the other hand its reservation system clutches the hand and create disparity and disturbance among the people.

  Our country is a developing country  and in present sinario the reservation system  has become major road block of the country. Currently according to government policy 15% of the government jobs and 15% of students admitted to universities must be sc and 7.5% for St. Other than this there are several reservation policies based on each state government..The political parties goes on increasing the percentage rate of reservation in different state in Oder to make their root of the chair strong.

  The casteism system or reservation system is find its origin in  the old aged caste system in India. This caste system basically is divided among the people based on their occupation like teaching and preaching (Brahmins), kingship and war ( kshatriya) and lastly business ( vaish) etc but soon it create walls in between different sections of the society and in result today we fight between  Hindu, Muslim, SC, ST, OBC and today new emerging reservation for minorities of different sections of the society like Christians, Kashmirs, Jats ,Tribals etc. In present time we witness many violence for this reservations. Like in Gujurat there ia s parallel clash between Gurjars and Jats as Gurjars wanted the ST category that Meenas have and the Meenas worry that there will be greater competition to seats in ST category. There is a demand that Gurjars would give up quota demand if Jats are taken off from OBC lists and even the Patels wanted to get into the back ward caste status which turned to create violence and curfew in Gujarat.

But now the question arise do really these quota system helpful for the back ward people. Let state this reservation system as "unfortunate system". It is the unfortunate and ugly truth in Indian society. This reservation based on caste is bad and is not acceptable .Reservation should be made for those who don't get meal to eat, clothes to wear and have no roof above their head to live.

 The reservation system also remain unfair for General category students. People use the low cut off of reserved categories especially Sc,ST and remains easy for them  to enter into the reputed institutions. So in fact that our society is divided in group based on castes. Reservation came into existence to end the dominance of certain groups and give the neglected and oppressed group a push so that they could become equal to other group. This can be proved if we go analysis in our country dozen  of sewages workers (mostly Dalits) die every year while working in poisonous gasses and thousand of framers commit suicide every year. People mourn and care about the death of the farmer but not even aware about the sewage death/

The issue of reservation has remained a cause of disagreement between the reserved and the non –reserved  section of the society. While the unreserved segments keeps opposing the neediest section doesn't know how to availed the opportunities. On the other hand the elites among the same segments enjoy the special privileged in the name of reservation.

Reservation are anti- thesis of development and equality. It is good no doubt but if it is used to uplift the actual poor section of the society and if theses reservation would be based on who have minimal resources  and give equal opportunists  for addition and employment would be appricatebale . Rather than playing dirty politics in gathering votes .Thus the reservation can be utilized properly and by using it as a tool to unite the society, irrespective the caste.