Reservations on caste, creed or any other basis not needed-A chapter from my life
Satbir Singh Bedi | 16 Mar 2009

I give below my story to prove that reservations are
not necessary on caste, creed or any other grounds to
progress in life.

I belonged to an Upper Caste (Khatri) family which was
economically poor.  We had, of course, a large Haveli
in my home town which belonged to our more prosperous
fore-fathers but my father did not have the money to
maintain it.  Once when my father was out of job for
one year, I was taken out of school and my studies
were stopped.  They were resumed only after one year
when my father got a job.  During my father's
unemployment, I used to sell the books lying in our
house to make both ends meet.  Then I used to sell
bottles and such other things lying in my house to get
food.  A day came when we had to sell our utensils for
getting food. Then for two days, we were without food.
Then one of my uncles came and took pity upon us and
lent some money to my father. After a few days, my
father got a job but was never well off.  My own caste
(Khatri) people told me in my face that I was a Kangal
(Pauper) because I had no money to see films or listen
to radio because we had no radio.  There was also no
cycle in our house. What to talk of my own caste
people, even my relatives and cousins treated me as if
I were their servant.  I even wore the clothes that
were discarded by them.  However, my father who was
very fond of giving education to his children, saw to
it that I did my graduation.  Nobody helped us. After
graduation, I passed Assistants Exam. of UPSC thanks
to there being no corruption in UPSC. I retired as
Deputy Secretary.  I was not the only poor man
belonging to our Khatri (Upper) caste.  Many Khatris
after partition of the country, came penniless to my
hometown.  They were not helped by anyone including
the Govt.  They worked as petty hawkers and their
womenfolk served as maids doing household chores in
the houses of well to do people of their own caste
(Khatri) and started saving money out of the small
amount of money earned by them.  However, they could
not educate their children beyond Matric.  The
children also worked as petty hawkers, saved money to
train themselves as mechanics.  They sold their
belongings and collected enough money to go to Dubai
and then to USA..  They are now better off than me.

Now, we come to the Scheduled Castes of our hometown.
They also saved something from out of their earnings,
got education and then sold their belongings to go to
UK. They are also now better off than me.  Government
did not help them much except giving them free
education.  They did not also opt for Government jobs.
So, practically, they also built themselves up on the
basis of their hard work.  Had they remained dependent
upon Government, they might not have progressed so

Now, these are not made up stories but the stories of
real flesh and blood people and their struggle.  Of
course, I am not a story teller.  I only wanted to
emphasize that crutches like reservations etc. never
enabled a person to get up and make the most of life.
On the other hand, it gives a false sense of security
and of taking things easy.  People become too lazy and
are unable to do much except to continue to enjoy
reservations.  So reservations are all for Vote Bank

Satbir Singh Bedi